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Torchlight: The Legend Continues MOD APK Download v.1.61 | God mode

Torchlight: The Legend Continues mod

OS: Android 2.3+

Version: 1.61

Torchlight: The Legend Continues Mod Features:

God Mode and High Attack

Game Features:

Every single role class has six primary skills, and a couple of of them may be mixed to receive a blended skill. Gamers can do combo among thirty-six skills, to get one hundred twenty kinds of mixed skills. Based on tactics, gamers may change combined skills, and see the big fun of different kinds of battle.

Countless of random elements keep gamers feel exciting and make the game experience always fresh. You will like random hiding rooms, fishing ponds, monster skills, stage monsters, elite monsters, and so on…

By creating maps in Mapsworks, random monsters and maps may be created. Plus depending created maps can have a variety of adventure surroundings, map effects and influences its creatures.

Use Torchlight: The Legend Continues mod if you need to win in fight and try another good RPG Summoners War mod.


Download. Install. Play.
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DOWNLOAD Torchlight: The Legend Continues mod

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