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Summoners War MOD APK | v.3.7.6 Download | Dumb Enemies and High Damage

OS: Android 3.0+

Version: 3.7.6

Summoners War mod Features: Dumb Enemies + 2700dmg

Summoners War MOD (Dumb Enemies and High Damage) – Tips and Tricks:

1.Beware of reset days: Sunday from eleven pm till eight am. High risk of detection. Don’t play at this time period.
2.Do-all runs in single speed, together with the exception of TOA, HOH, and SD you may x3 for these since they take a very long time to finish.
3.Running TOA normal/hard: do not complete till ranking one hundred fills up, finish only after you d/c from the server. To d/c, use an emulator such as Bluestack, and wait till you can not see anymore chat from the chat box.
4.You shouldn’t add buddies cause they may possibly report you, but if you have to add for SD, remove them just after you are done.
5.Do not equip runes which modify additional damage.

Summoners War Game Features:

Never-ending Fun – beautify your village, increase your collection, fight against other summoners, fight in Player Vs Player battles, examine dungeons, train Monsters, and a lot more.

Solid Collection – dark, fire, light, wind, and water plus one thousand different monsters. Collect as lots of monsters as possible and build the perfect team.

Strategic Gameplay – see the amazing display of every single monster’s exclusive abilities. Twenty-one different Rune sets to choose with extra skills for your monsters. Use your best strategy to win combats.
Fight as a team in a real-time fight together with three players. Eliminate the boss together with other Summoners.
Dynamic Guild Battles – twenty five people for each guild. Cooperate together with your guild friends to be the last guild standing.

Summoners War Review:

Hi, guys!
Mr John here for newmodapk.com with a review of Summoners war, so you will know if it is a game for you and if it’s worth downloading and playing it. And of course, the most important question is if it is not only free to play but also be fair to play. So enjoy!
Summoners War is a free to play title from come2us which is available for android and ios platforms.
It was released approximately several years ago, and this is the time I’m playing it already, and most importantly, I’m enjoying playing it at this moment. Also I use Summoners War mod in stressful situations.
The game itself is all about obtaining, collecting, training and avoiding the monsters to become stronger.
There is the arena mode, and it means that you can create a squad to fight and win against your enemy the way you enjoy the most.
You think ethic is the best defence, well, perfect, make sure nothing is left after your initial strike. You’re more like “if they can’t kill me, they can’t win”, well go ahead and become an indestructible monster. Of course in stressful situations, you can use Summoners War mod to win a battle.
Whatever you’re doing and whatever you like, it has the possibility to create the teams that fit you most. The good news that you can fight in a manual or automatic mode. A simple click, well, or two and your team will use the skills and fight on their own, and you just need to collect your trophies. The AI has some limitations of course.
The content above should be played and keyed to the manual mode to be sure you have the highest possible success rate in certain areas which have a higher difficulty. Come2us is constantly running updates for the game and then a new content for free, tweet and providing special events on a nearly daily basis. Technically, there is always something to do in the game but, and this is a huge aspect of why this game is not only free to play but also fair to play, is the fact that even the late game content which is quite challenging, can be cleared with a relatively easy to obtain monsters.
That means that you don’t need to count on your luck to draw the most epic legendary creatures to reach the final stages of the game.
Last part of this we need to talk about some balance between a paying user and a free user, and I can guarantee that balance is great, and this game belongs to a fair to play category. Improve almost all monsters to the highest strength for free. That means that your 2-star monster can become a stronger 6-star monster, well, if you wish so and you invest your time into this monster.
Currency can be obtained quite easily and in a satisfying amount. Everything that you gain can be obtained therefore as a free user except certain bundles which you can only buy for real money. However, every item in those bundles again can be achieved by playing the game for free. Therefore, if you enjoy collecting monsters or collecting games, this is absolutely a recommendation, Summoners war is a recommendation for you. You definitely should try it out, download it and play it. And remember you can always download Summoners War mod apk and win in every battle.

DOWNLOAD Summoners War mod

If you have any problems then comment below or just leave a thanks for the mod


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