Block City Wars MOD APK Download [Latest]

Block City Wars mod

OS: Android 4.0+

Version: Latest

Block City Wars Mod Features:

Unlimited Money

Unleash the Chaos Within: Why the Block City Wars Mod is the Sandbox Revolution You Crave

Forget the curated chaos of Block City Wars’ vanilla experience. This pixelated metropolis yearns for something more, something…explosive. Enter the Block City Wars Mod, a revolutionary tweak that rips off the training wheels and lets you paint the town crimson (or neon pink, if you fancy).

Unleash the Inner Gangster

Cash? Ammo? Mere inconveniences in the face of the mod’s godly bounty. Infinite resources fuel your rampage, turning every trigger pull into a symphony of blocky destruction. Cops become confetti, rivals evaporate in pixelated bursts, and the entire city trembles before your might.

Rewrite the Game’s Rules

Forget the cookie-cutter missions and scripted shootouts. The mod unlocks a sandbox of possibilities. Spawn tanks at will, rain fire from the sky, or summon armies of chickens to wreak havoc. The only limit is your imagination (and maybe your phone’s processing power).

Customize Your Mayhem

The arsenal expands beyond recognition. Wield rocket-powered mallets, fire shotguns that launch confetti grenades, or equip a flamethrower that paints the streets in vibrant pixelated fire. Don’t forget the ride! Cruise in flying sports cars, bulldoze through crowds in monster trucks, or soar through the sky on a jetpack made of dynamite.

Beyond the Anarchy

But the chaos isn’t just for giggles. The mod unlocks hidden potential in Block City Wars. Explore secret areas, delve into darker storylines, and uncover the city’s true underbelly. This isn’t just a power trip, it’s a chance to rewrite the game’s narrative, brick by bloody brick.

A Warning for the Faint of Heart

This mod isn’t for everyone. If you crave order, if your heart flutters at the sight of a pristine police cruiser, then turn back now. But for those who yearn to break the mold, to tear down the digital walls and revel in unbridled mayhem, the Block City Wars Mod beckons. So grab your pixelated gat, embrace the glorious anarchy, and paint Block City red…one blocky explosion at a time.

Game Features:

  • You can play with over 100 000 gamers.
  • A huge town with high skyscrapers and you can do anything you wish.
  • Five fantastic multi-player modes: Zombie Infection mode, Street Race, Tank Battles, Free Player vs Player Fight, Team Deathmatch.
  • A little over fifty kinds of transport: takns, helicopters, jet packs, bikes, cars.
  • Block City Wars mod with unlimited cash and coins feature.
  • Use in-game chat to speak with other gamers.
  • Various gangster missions in Single mode.
  • Best players list and complete game statistic.
  • Over one hundred weapon units such as Katana, RPG, MINIGUN, Rifles, Ak47, and others.
  • Amazing pixel graphics and dynamic light effects.


  • Download APK.
  • Install apk.
  • Enjoy.

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