Real Steel Boxing Champions MOD APK | v.1.0.385 Download

Real Steel Boxing Champions mod apk

OS: Android 4.0.3

Version: 1.0.385

Real Steel Boxing Champions Mod


  • Advertising Removed.
  • Coins and money will massively increase.
  • All Parts activated and unlocked.
  • No Cheat detection.

Game Features:
Create your personal robot combat machine in that sports adventure and extreme action game. Release mad attacks in pvp combat using special punches, jabs, moves. Create your fighting machine. Choose from more than one thousand five hundred different robot parts. Pick from powerful legs and hands, massive heads and torsos. Make your robot unique using different paint.
Prove your skills in the competition with twenty five combats and defeat five mighty bosses. Complete thirty great challenges. Use heroic moves and destructive special and heavy attacks, extreme upgrades, critical hits to win the fight. Apply Real Steel Boxing Champions mod to win in any battle.
Fight versus thousands of exclusive robots and take over ten impressive arenas in that epic franchise. Beat the best fighting robots and new mysterious boss to become a champion of Real Steel!


  • Install Real Steel Boxing Champions from store.
  • Rename OBB {com.reliancegames.rschampions}.
  • Uninstall apk
  • Install The Mod, Rename OBB back to original.
  • Facebook: Uninstall or freeze.
  • Run the game, connect to FB.


If you have any problems then comment below or just leave a thanks for the mod

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