How to Turn Off Talk Back on Motorola Phone

How to turn off talk back on motorola phone

Navigating through the complexities of a smartphone can be an empowering experience. Motorola phones offer a range of accessibility features, including a voice-based assistant that provides spoken guidance and support. While this assistant can be invaluable for individuals with certain impairments, it may not always be desirable. This guide will delve into the process of disabling the verbal assistant on Motorola devices, ensuring a distraction-free mobile experience.

Navigating the user interface can be daunting, especially when an auditory assistant is constantly interjecting. Motorola phones provide the option to mute or silence the assistant, allowing users to reclaim control over their device’s functionality. By accessing the accessibility settings, users can tailor the phone’s behavior to meet their specific preferences. Whether seeking to minimize interruptions during important audio calls or simply to create a more streamlined mobile experience, this guide will provide step-by-step instructions for suppressing the voice-based assistant on Motorola phones.

Disable Talk Back via Quick Settings

Disable Talk Back via Quick Settings

Alternatively, you can utilize the Quick Settings panel to swiftly deactivate Talk Back. This method entails accessing the notification shade, where numerous settings options are readily available.

Disable TalkBack by Power Button

If button-combinations are not working to disable TalkBack, you can utilize the power button method. This alternative approach provides a quick and convenient way to terminate TalkBack activity.

Deactivate Talk Back with Volume Keys

An alternative method to disable the accessibility feature involves utilizing the device’s volume keys. This approach offers a convenient and straightforward solution, enabling users to swiftly turn off Talk Back with minimal effort.

Stop Talk Back through Accessibility Settings

Disable Talk Back by adjusting accessibility settings to enhance your user experience. This method provides a comprehensive solution for deactivating the Voice Assistant feature on your Android device.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings Access the main Settings menu on your device.
Step 2: Select Accessibility Locate and tap on the Accessibility option within the Settings menu.
Step 3: Find Talk Back Scroll through the Accessibility options and identify the Talk Back feature.
Step 4: Toggle Switch Locate the toggle switch associated with Talk Back and switch it to the “Off” position.
Step 5: Confirm Deactivation A confirmation message may appear. Tap on “OK” or “Confirm” to complete the deactivation process.

Disable Talk Back with Physical Buttons

For those without access to the screen or assistive touch, disabling Talk Back using physical buttons provides an alternative method. This section guides you through the steps necessary to achieve this, ensuring seamless device operation without unwanted audio feedback.


I accidentally turned on TalkBack, and it’s reading everything out loud. How do I disable it?

You can disable TalkBack by pressing the power button and holding it down for three seconds. The phone will vibrate and say “TalkBack is turning off.” Once TalkBack is turned off, you will be able to use your phone without the voiceover.

Can I turn off TalkBack temporarily without having to go through the settings app?

Yes, you can turn off TalkBack temporarily by pressing and holding the volume up and down buttons simultaneously for three seconds. TalkBack will be turned off until you restart your phone.


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