Gardenscapes MOD APK Download v.5.4.0 | ∞ Money, Stars

OS: Android 4.2+

Google Play: Link

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money and Stars

Game Review:
Gardenscapes is the 4th game in Playrix’s Gardenscapes franchise, but just the 1st which created especially for mobile devices. Its 3 Personal Computer forerunners mixed hidden object game play together with a mansion-renovating or garden-decorating simulation which resulted in a pleasant pair of game modes which supplement one another inside their feeling of progress. Latest Acres has lots of match-three stages, however renovation of the garden has returned and it is much better than ever before.

Like in the past games, Gardenscapes delivers you to a residence managed by Austin (the butler) which need your help in renovating of this property. Family of Austin has cared for that territory his whole life, but now everything has fallen into decay and the butler’s dream to work collectively with the new holder, to return the former glory to this estate.

In an effort to make that goal more achievable, Austin concentrates your efforts at certain areas of the sprawling garden one-by-one and splits every area into a number of tasks. A lot of these tasks are simple like — repair a broken fountain, plant shrubs, add seats, however a lot of will appear as you progress thru the game. The water fountain can flood after being repaired or a insect infestation can be uncovered when fixing the tree house. The butler will add new goals as necessary once new ideas or problems arise, creating a dynamic world full of bad or good surprises. Remember that with our Gardenscapes mod you can solve any bad surprise easy.


That garden renovation is actually a simple design or building simulator, and it is supported by the another part of the game: the match-three stages. To be able to finish garden jobs, you will need to use stars – ordinary tasks such as installing benches will only require a single star but more complex tasks, such as building a tree house, may need 2 or even 3 stars. All stars are earned for completing match-three stages – a single star for every stage.

Instructions: Download. Install. Play.

Download Gardenscapes mod


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