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Dead Target: FPS Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game MOD APK v.3.0.7

DEAD TARGET Zombie mod

OS: Android Varies with device

Version: 3.0.7


Features: Unlimited Cash and Gold. No ADS.

Game Features:

  • Eliminate all zombies that are trying to kill you.
  • Complete all quests and achievements when you playing together with your buddies.
  • Use powerful weapons to kill hordes of zombies.
  • Use Dead Target: Zombie mod to get unlimited cash.
  • You will certainly like the music and lifelike sound effects.
  • Beautiful three-dimensional graphics with highly detailed textures and stunning visuals.
  • Improve your gears and get ready to push back waves of zombies.
  • Interact with the surroundings to stay alive and protect your position.
  • Enjoy three dimensional shooting time when you hunting on zombies.
  • Developers used ragdoll model to give you the feeling which you never forget.
  • Each weapon have unique sound effect identical to the authentic version of the gun.
  • Bright three-dimensional graphics with lifelike lighting to show the infection of undead.
  • Different sounds in environment to create a real presence effect.
  • You will certainly like the feeling when you smash huge waves of zombie hordes.
  • Regularly updates with new interesting content.
  • You can play Dead Target: Zombie totally for free without any in-app purchases.
  • Eliminate zombies in the way you like most: blow using grenade or shoot in the head, or use many other lethal ways.
  • Think twice before attack because head shooting is not best way sometimes.
  • The zombies come with lots of skills and forms.
  • Many of undeads may be very danger using special virus that can easily attack in large range.
  • The Zombie Boss appear as insane terminator that wants to kill you with extremely cruelty.
  • Use Dead Target: Zombie mod apk to get unlimited gold.
  • Prevent undeads from escape.
  • Examine a prison which is named hell on earth, in which no plant can live.
  • Protect a frontline which got broken
  • Become a top player in the global leaderboard and show them all who is the best player over the globe.
  • Share your results with friends via Facebook.
  • Everyone can receive different weapons with no farming easy.
  • Several weapon types such as grenade launcher, machine gun, shotgun, rifle, and so on.
  • Enjoy modern fighting using different powerful guns.
  • Continue up your rankings to unlock the most lethal guns and become a real zombie killer.
  • Download Dead Target: Zombie mod and play without ads.
  • Selecting the proper boost can make you the dominator on field of battle like a real professional.
  • You can unlock different useful items and up your rankings by completing different quests.
  • Kill all zombies and your progress will be documented in a diary.
  • You can get a high price for unique achievements.

Instructions:Install DEAD TARGET: Zombie mod as usual apk. Play.


If you have any problems then comment below or just leave a thanks for the mod

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