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Candy Crush Saga mod

OS: Android 2.3+


1.Candy Crush Saga Mod Features
2.Game Features
3.Candy Crush Saga Review
5.Download mod apk

Candy Crush Saga Mod Features:

– Normal Moves.
– Infinite Lives.
– Unlock All levels.
– Unlock all Episodes.
– Infinite Boosters.
– Always Win.

Game Features:

  • Plenty of the interesting levels in the Candy Kingdom.
  • Get a delicious prize by spinning Daily Booster Wheel.
  • Complete any difficult level with Candy Crush Saga mod.
  • Synchronize your game progress between all of your gadgets via Internet.
  • Several ways to play this game: Drop Down Mode, Order Mode, Timed Levels, Target Score.
  • Unwrap yummy surroundings to meet the sweetest characters.
  • Collect sugar drops to progress across the Sugar Track for extremely sweet surprises.
  • Escape reality with Odus the Owl by passing 50th level.
  • Become a leader of the global leaderboard, and show your buddies who is the best player in the world.

Candy Crush Saga Review:

Today in the review, I’ll talk about a game called Candy Crush Saga. This game is one of the most popular applications on Google Play, which is still in demand among users. Together we can find out the secret of the success of this game.

So, in Candy Crush Saga you have to immerse yourself in the world of the sweet kingdom. The main character of the game is a girl named Tiffi. Also, you will be accompanied by Mr Toffee. You need to complete more than one thousand levels and collect as many sweets as can along with these characters.

candy crush saga +100 moves

If we want to describe that game with simple words, then we must say that this is a classic game-match-3, in which we must collect the same sweets in one raw. There are a lot of similar games in the world, but Candy Crush Saga has the advantage due to excellent graphics (and this is true), amazing soundtrack and unusual idea.

As you see, there is nothing complicated in that game – you just need to move sweets, to get a line of candies with same shape and colour. After that, the line will disappear from the playing field. You can earn a lot of points if you can make a line with more than three candies.

candy crush saga all boosters

It is interesting that each level has a specific task, to complete a stage you must finish a task first. For example, at one of the levels you need to collect a 10000 of points, on the next, you need to get points and do it in a certain number of steps. To earn many points, you must destroy as many sweets as you can.

Candy Crush Saga has an in-app purchase system: bonuses which you will buy with your real cash can improve the situation on the playing field. But if you do not want to spend your money, download Candy Crush Saga mod that has tons of useful features like unlimited lives and 100 moves, you can complete any level with ease.

Remember that the large lines with identical candies will bring you bonus figures which you can use to destroy some sweets that can’t be destroyed classically. By the way, you can share your results on Facebook, and look at your friend’s score.
candy crush saga unlimited lives
Candy Crush Saga has a more than thousand levels. To complete them all, you need to spend a few weeks or maybe several months. They are very simple, like tasks in them on the beginning, but then the difficulty increases and it brings an additional bit of interest.

You can find some helpful boosters in the game, but they are not available from the start. However, if you need them simply use Candy Crush Saga mod for android to get boosters for free.
candy crush saga mega mod


So Candy Crush Saga is an excellent freemium app. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to play this game, or you can download and install Candy Crush Saga mod apk and get all features that you need to complete any level in this game for free. Also, it has an interesting variation of traditional gameplay, beautiful high-resolution graphics and lovely sound effects. Your children will fall in love in this puzzle arcade game. However, I recommend to disable In App Purchase function thru the Google Play settings or spend 5 minutes to download modded version of Candy Crush Saga, and you will never spend any money on boosters or additional moves.


  • Download and install Candy Crush Saga mod apk.
  • Reinstall or freeze Facebook app.
  • Play!


If you have any problems then comment below or just leave a thanks for the mod

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