Survive – Wilderness survival Download MOD APK v.0.319

Survive - Wilderness survival mod apk

OS: Android 2.3

Version: 0.196

Survive – Wilderness survival Mod

Features: Max inventory and unlimited resources.

Survive – Wilderness survival Review:
What describe Survive – Wilderness survival is the difficulty. Your automobile crashes and now, it is only up to you to get to safe place and rescued. It is a short story for a survival game, however this one is greatest games which oriented on survival.

Survive – Wilderness survival is a game in which you must plan your every move. You’ve to monitor your body stamina, energy, hydration and heat.

Your character will die in case even one will drop to 0, so difficulty is in managing acting between holding your hero alive and actively getting drinking water, building, foraging and searching a way to close range between safety and you. In many plays I could not been able to get it done without Survive – Wilderness survival mod.

The techniques to stay alive is have a source of food and drinking water, crafting materials for campfires, shelter, tools, and so on, and do not forget that game has weather conditions so without fire and shelter you will certainly die.

I advise Survive – Wilderness survival for the gamer who loves simulation games and to solve problems.

Instructions: Download, install, play.


If you have any problems then comment below or just leave a thanks for the mod

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