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Beastie Bay Mod Features:

Endless Money.

Beastie Bay money mod

Game Review:

Just imagine you are suddenly found yourself on a desert island. Sound sad, isn’t it? But it’s not for long – in Beastie Bay from Kairosoft you have to build your city, along the way collect a collection of different monsters, every single has own unique features. I can assure you that this is not just another city builder, which you can find hundreds in Google Play. Kairosoft games traditionally have a unique style and addictive gameplay.
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Beastie Bay is no exception, this is a dynamic blend of the classic city builder, and you will love this game. Beastie Bay in many aspects similar to the “Pokemon” game series. You need to capture and tame monsters, teach them, increase their level and send them into battle against stronger opponents, each of whom can join your team after you beat him. Unlike other games that only copy the visual style of the Pokémon without introducing anything new to the game mechanic, in Beastie Bay you must use a strategy if you want to have success in this app. Plus you can use Beastie Bay mod to get tons of features for free.


The game starts on a small stretch of deserted island, and the huge part of it closed for building, but are available for exploring. The examination means moving through a closed territory with several “encounters” (“casual encounters” with enemies, typical of JRPG genre and a Pokemon game series). During the encounters, the main character or group of heroes is transferred from the game card to a special battlefield for battle with the enemies.
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Up to three allied monsters, captured by you earlier can take part in battles. Each battle requires a specific strategy: You can use attacks, take a defensive position or use a variety of items and “auras” that will restore your health or improve some abilities. If you loose even one of the allies, this can lead to dramatic consequences, so do not forget to upgrade your monsters before the battle and monitor their health carefully. Also we offer to you try PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Mod which has amazing 2.5D graphics.


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