How to Install APKs from USB on TCL Android TV

TCL Android TV⁚ Installing APKs from USB

Sideloading apps on your TCL Android TV opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to install apps not available on the Google Play Store.​ Using a USB drive is a straightforward method for achieving this.​ You’ll need a USB drive, the APK file of the app you want to install, and a file manager app on your TCL Android TV.​

Enabling Installation from Unknown Sources

Before you can install apps from a USB drive on your TCL Android TV, you need to enable the ″Unknown Sources″ option.​ This setting allows the installation of apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Here’s how to do it⁚

  1. On your TCL Android TV remote, press the ″Home″ button.​
  2. Navigate to ″Settings″ (usually represented by a gear icon).​
  3. Scroll down and select ″Device Preferences.​″
  4. Choose ″Security n Restrictions.​″
  5. Toggle the switch next to ″Unknown Sources″ to the ″On″ position.​

You’ll receive a warning message about the potential risks of installing apps from unknown sources. Ensure you trust the source of the APK file before proceeding.​ Once enabled, your TCL Android TV is ready to install apps from your USB drive.

Preparing the USB Drive and APK File

Before connecting the USB drive to your TCL Android TV, you’ll need to prepare it with the desired APK file. Follow these steps to get your USB drive ready⁚

  1. Format the USB Drive⁚ Start by formatting your USB drive to ensure it’s clean and compatible with your TV.​ You can format it to FAT32, which is widely supported.​
    • Connect the USB drive to your computer.​
    • Locate the USB drive in your file explorer (e.​g.​, ″This PC″ on Windows).
    • Right-click on the USB drive and select ″Format.​″
    • Choose ″FAT32″ as the file system and click ″Start.​″
  2. Download the APK File⁚ Obtain the APK file of the app you want to install on your TCL Android TV.​ Ensure you download the file from a reputable and trusted source to minimize the risk of malware.​
  3. Transfer the APK to the USB Drive⁚ Once downloaded, copy the APK file to the root directory of your USB drive.​ This means placing it directly on the drive without putting it in any subfolders.​
    • Locate the downloaded APK file on your computer.​
    • Open a separate file explorer window showing your USB drive.​
    • Drag and drop the APK file from your computer to the USB drive’s window.​

With the USB drive formatted and the APK file in place, you’re ready to connect it to your TCL Android TV.​

Connecting the USB Drive to the TCL Android TV

Now that your USB drive is prepared with the APK file, it’s time to connect it to your TCL Android TV.​ The process is straightforward⁚

  1. Locate the USB Port⁚ Identify the available USB port on your TCL Android TV. Most TVs have USB ports on the side or back panel.​
  2. Connect the USB Drive⁚ Gently insert the USB drive into the available USB port on your TV.​ Make sure it’s securely connected.​
  3. TV Response⁚ Your TCL Android TV will usually detect the connected USB drive automatically.​ You might see a notification on the screen indicating that a new USB device has been connected.​
  4. File Manager Access⁚ If your TV doesn’t automatically prompt you to open the USB drive’s contents, you’ll need a file manager app to access it.​ If you don’t have one installed, download a file manager app like ″FX File Explorer″ or ″File Commander″ from the Google Play Store on your TV.

Once the USB drive is connected and recognized, you can proceed to navigate to the APK file using your file manager app.​

Navigating to the APK File Using a File Manager

With your USB drive connected and a file manager app installed, you’re ready to locate the APK file and initiate the installation.​ Here’s how to navigate to the APK file using your file manager app⁚

  1. Open the File Manager App⁚ Launch the file manager app you installed on your TCL Android TV.​
  2. Locate the USB Drive⁚ Look for a section or folder within the file manager that represents your connected USB drive.​ It might be labeled ″USB Storage,″ ″External Storage,″ or something similar.​
  3. Find the APK File⁚ Remember that you placed the APK file in the root directory of the USB drive.​ Navigate to the root directory and look for the APK file.​ The file extension will be ″.​apk″.​

Once you’ve located the APK file, you’re one step closer to installing your desired app.​ Proceed to the next section to initiate the APK installation.​

Initiating the APK Installation

You’ve made it this far!​ Now that you’ve found the APK file using your file manager app, it’s time to start the installation process.​ Here’s how⁚

  1. Select the APK File⁚ In your file manager app, highlight the APK file you want to install.​ You can usually do this by using the navigation buttons on your remote and pressing ″OK″ or ″Enter″ to select.
  2. Choose ″Install″⁚ After selecting the APK file, you should see an option to ″Install″ or ″Open.​″ Select ″Install″ to begin the installation process.​
  3. Review Permissions⁚ Your TCL Android TV will display the permissions requested by the app.​ Carefully review these permissions to understand what data and functions the app will have access to.​
  4. Confirm Installation⁚ If you agree with the app’s requested permissions, select ″Install″ or ″Accept″ to confirm the installation.​
  5. Installation Progress⁚ The installation process will begin, and you’ll likely see a progress bar indicating the installation status.​

Wait for the installation to complete.​ Once done, you’ll see a confirmation message, usually stating that the app has been installed successfully.​ You can now proceed to locate and launch your newly installed app.​

Verifying the Installed Application

After the installation process completes, you’ll want to verify that the app has been successfully installed and is ready to use on your TCL Android TV. Here’s how to confirm the installation⁚

  1. Check Your App Drawer⁚ The most common way to find your newly installed app is by going to your TV’s app drawer or app list.​ This is usually accessible by pressing a dedicated button on your remote (often labeled ″Apps″ or with a grid-like icon) or navigating to it from the home screen.​
  2. Locate the App⁚ Browse through the app drawer to find the app you just installed from the USB drive.​ The app should be listed along with other installed apps.​
  3. Launch the App⁚ Once you locate the app’s icon, select it using your remote to launch it.​ This will confirm that the app is functioning correctly.​
  4. Troubleshooting⁚ If you don’t see the installed app in your app drawer, try restarting your TCL Android TV.​ This can sometimes help refresh the app list and display newly installed apps.​ If you still can’t find it, double-check that the installation process completed successfully.​ You may need to retry the installation.​

Congratulations!​ You’ve successfully sideloaded an app onto your TCL Android TV using a USB drive.​ Enjoy using your new app!​

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