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Fantasy Defense 2 MOD APK v.1.0.5 Download | ∞ Gold, Ssens

Fantasy Defense 2 mod

OS: Android 2.3+

Version: 1.0.5

Fantasy Defense 2 Mod Features:

Unlimited Gold and Ssens.
Hardcore mode unlocked.

Game Features:

Fantasy Defense 2 has a very simple idea. You must to eliminate all of the monsters to stop them from crushing a huge crystal which known as the Sanctum. Your task is to smartly place different units in various places to resist the hordes of creatures which want to ruin your crystal. In case when Sanctum’s HP falls to 0, the quest is over and you must try to complete this stage once more. In this situations I highly recommend to use Fantasy Defense 2 mod which can handle that problem.That only looks easy, till hundreds of monsters come to destroy your crystal. The exclusive idea of this game is that every single stage has a unique layout. Creatures arrive from one path and trek a way to your crystal, and Sanctum also changes place from level to level.
You’ll find various types of units in Fantasy Defense 2. The standard job classes for ordinary units are the Mage, Archer and Soldier. You can upgrade these types of units or even change their job class. Also you have unique powerful hero units. You will discover 4 hero units such as, the Summoner, the Assassin, the Witch, and the Defender. In the beginning, you’re have only the Defender you need to purchase other heroes to unlock them But if you do not want to do that or you simply don’t have a cash install Fantasy Defense 2 mod apk, it can solve that problem easy. You can improve your premium heroes with equipment and different items.

Instructions: Download than install and play.

DOWNLOAD Fantasy Defense 2 Mod

If you have any problems then comment below or just leave a thanks for the mod

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