Disable Android Tablet Amber Alerts

Android tablet turn off amber alerts

Navigating the modern world often involves staying abreast of important information. However, when it comes to emergency alerts, receiving incessant notifications can become overwhelming and disruptive. These alerts, meant to disseminate crucial safety information, can inadvertently hinder focus and productivity.

Android tablets, known for their versatility and portability, serve a variety of purposes. While they excel in entertainment, education, and communication, the relentless barrage of emergency alerts can detract from their utility. Fortunately, there exists a simple and effective solution to quell these disruptive notifications, empowering users to reclaim tranquility without compromising safety.

Disable Emergency Alerts on Android Tablets

Certain critical alerts, including Amber Alerts, can be disruptive or unnecessary on tablets. This section provides a comprehensive guide on how to effectively disable these alerts on Android tablets.

Amber Alerts are emergency notifications issued when a child is abducted or missing. While they are important, they may not be relevant to tablet users, especially those in non-custodial roles.

Steps to Disable Emergency Alerts:

Steps to Disable Emergency Alerts:

Step Action
1 Navigate to “Settings” on your tablet.
2 Tap on “Apps & Notifications”.
3 Select “Emergency Alerts”.
4 Toggle the switch for “Amber Alerts” to “Off”.

Identify Alert Settings

To efficiently disable unwanted alerts on your tablet, it’s crucial to first locate the alert settings menu. This section guides you through the process of identifying the relevant settings where you can manage and adjust your alert preferences.

Device Manufacturer Settings Path
Samsung Settings > Notifications > Advanced settings > Emergency alerts
Google Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications > Lock screen > Emergency alerts
Huawei Settings > System & updates > Notifications & status bar > Emergency alerts
OnePlus Settings > Security & lock screen > Notifications & status bar > Emergency alerts

Deactivate Wireless Emergency Alerts

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) are government-issued notifications sent to alert people about impending threats or emergencies. They can be useful for staying informed about potential hazards, but some users may prefer to turn them off. Follow these steps to deactivate WEAs on your Android tablet.

Platform Steps
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on “Wireless & Networks”.
  3. Tap on “More”.
  4. Tap on “Broadcast Settings”.
  5. Uncheck the box next to “Emergency Alerts”.

Customize Alert Types

Control the notifications you receive by customizing the types of alerts delivered to your tablet. Whether it be severe weather warnings or emergency updates, tailor your alert preferences to suit your needs.

Alert Categories

Category Description
Emergency Alerts Critical information about imminent threats, such as earthquakes or wildfires.
Severe Weather Alerts Warnings for hazardous weather conditions, including tornadoes and hurricanes.
AMBER Alerts Notifications regarding missing children or abducted persons.
Public Safety Alerts Information related to public safety, such as road closures or evacuation orders.

Disable Location Services

Location services are essential for numerous applications. However, they can also pose a potential privacy risk. After all, these services continuously track your movements and store your current and past location data. If this data falls into the wrong hands, it could be used to spy on you or even blackmail you. Thankfully, disabling location services is a simple way to protect your privacy. Here are the steps involved:

Check Carrier Settings

Depending on the specific carrier, you may be able to adjust settings related to emergency alerts through your carrier’s management interface. These settings can sometimes offer the ability to customize the type and frequency of alerts received, including potential options to disable certain types of alerts, such as AMBER alerts.

Contact Support if Needed

In the unlikely event that you encounter difficulties disabling emergency notifications on your tablet, don’t hesitate to reach out for technical assistance. Manufacturer support teams are equipped to provide guidance and troubleshoot any challenges you may face during the process.


Why are Amber Alerts enabled on my tablet by default?

Amber Alerts are enabled on Android tablets by default to help law enforcement agencies quickly notify the public about missing children. These alerts are typically issued when a child is abducted or is in danger, and they can be a valuable tool for helping to find the child and bring them to safety.

Can I disable Amber Alerts for just some apps?

Unfortunately, you cannot disable Amber Alerts for just some apps. Once you disable Amber Alerts, they will be disabled for all apps on your tablet.

How do I know if I have received an Amber Alert?

When you receive an Amber Alert, your tablet will make a loud siren sound and vibrate. The alert will also appear on your screen, and it will contain information about the missing child, including their name, age, and description. You can also tap on the alert to get more information, such as the location of the child and the contact information for the law enforcement agency that issued the alert.


How To Turn Off Emergency Alerts on Android (2023)

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