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Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money MOD APK | v.1.5.1 Download

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money mod apk


Версия: 1.5.1

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money Mod

1.Add 50m Cash (actually adds 500 majillion)
2.Add 1k Hashcoins
3.Add 1k Liquors

Особенности игры:
Collect and deal with greasy money from your businesses. Collect cards and liquors to improve buildings in the your park. If you do not want to work by yourself, you can hire staff to manage your businesses anytime you can not play.

More than thirty character cards which you can add to your collection. Become a winner in a cruel boss fights, tap as faster as you can to defeat mighty bosses. Beat the bosses to get new characters. Improve characters so you can increase profits and make a lot more cash.

Sometimes you can lose all of your money, however upgrades will always be with you. Once season comes to an end, you can start running your park using faster upgrades and with more profits and cash.

Инструкции: Установить как обычно apk.


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DOWNLOAD Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money MOD APK

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