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PetHotel - Моя гостиница для животных MOD APK | v.1.1.19817 Скачать

PetHotel mod apk


Версия: 1.1.19817

PetHotel Mod

Features: No advertising and unlimited coins

Особенности игры:

  • Grow your hotel and get amazing breeds and buildings.
  • Take care of sweet pets like cats, chinchillas, hamsters, dogs. A lot of different animals are coming to your hotel and you must take care of them till their owners come back. There is so much work prepared for you, because every single pet wants to eat and play!
  • Complete interesting tasks. Make the cats purr by finishing as much quests as you can. Get new rats’ enclosures and toys for the cats and dogs, there’s many things which you can do and your animals will be happy.
  • Collect food for your animal and coins near the hotel.
  • Purchase more toys, decorations, and items for your pets.

Инструкции: Download and then install modded apk.


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