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Mr.Catt MOD APK Download v.1.5.0 | ∞ Lives, Combo Score

Mr.Catt mod apk


Версия: 1.5.0

Mr.Catt Mod


  • Limitless Lives.
  • Unlimited Combo and Scores.

Mr.Catt lives mod

Mr.Catt mod score

Особенности игры:

Catt is moving alone thru the Milky Way. Assist him to complete different levels while he finishes his quest.

This amazing android game got the Best Sound Effect and the Music Award and also Silver Award at ACG 2016.

Take a trip thru an amazing puzzle game reality that mixes with each other block elimination game play and critical thinking factors.

You will found a lot of appealing and fun details while you complete all levels.

The game creators have made a fantastic game universe in the Milky Way. Through the galaxy, you will find many celestial bodies prepared to light up. They all will act including sparkling fireworks thru your quest.

Combine blocks to eliminate them all. Collect moons, stars, and suns to assist Catt while he fearlessly pursues the white cat.

Graphics of this game is amazing it’s include artistic and lovely pictures, and beautiful music as well as sound effects will certainly make you feel all the vibes of this amazing world.

A lot of elaborately created levels are available for you to complete. In every single level, you must think wisely to eliminate as much objects as you can once combining blocks. You will find one special way to clean each level.

Инструкции: Download, install and run modded apk.

DOWNLOAD Mr.Catt mod

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