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Maze Bandit MOD APK Скачать v.1.1 | ∞ Самоцветы, монеты

Maze Bandit mod


Версия: 1.1

Maze Bandit Mod

Функции: Неограниченное количество драгоценных камней и монет

Особенности игры:

  • Connect to Facebook and share your score between your friends to show them who is the best.
  • Become rich by discovering and plundering other Bandit mazes and grab their sleeping princesses.
  • Use Maze Bandit Mod to get unlimited gems and coins.
  • Change your hero’s clothes and look to customize him, mix hundreds of clothing options to make your hero unique.
  • Build your own castle and get access to additional possibilities.
  • Compete against different gamers by creating and improving tricky traps and constructions in your personal maze.
  • Complete ninety levels in six different kingdoms created specially for single player.
  • Make use of highly effective boosts which can assist you to complete the most difficult levels.
  • Take the first place in the global table of records and become the best player in the world.

Инструкции: Download. Install. Run. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD Maze Bandit mod

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