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UNKILLED MOD APK Download v.1.0.0 | Mega Mod

unkilled mod

SO: Android 4.1+

Versão: 1.0.0



  • Munição ilimitada
  • Health Increase
  • Auto Heal always allowed
  • You can attack from a long distance
  • Huge Damage
  • No reload

Funcionalidades do jogo:
Easy game play: unique shooting system based on autofire let’s you focus on the action.
Support for many gamepads from different manufacturers.

Amazing graphics and stunning visual effects.

More than one hundred fifty story missions.
Fife classes of weapons, more than 40 in total, such as including sniper rifle, shotgun, saiga, and much more.
Tons of skins for guns and characters.
Different bosses and enemies: butcher, minesweeper, dodger, sheriff, and a lot more.

Turn into the Champion in ranked duels and leagues.
Beat real opponents in the 5 separate player vs player maps.
Pick your hero for player vs player battle with loadouts and customizable skills.

Create a legion of undeads by doing DNA blueprints. Improve than clone your zombies. Use your army of zombies to attack bases of other gamers.
Do experiments with the defensive shield for your base.
Your protective shield will enable automatically if you repel all attacks.
Overall score recorded on table of records.
Poderoso Mod UNKILLED which can help you alot in this wonderful game.

Together with other fighters save NY.
Can you win an additional prizes and become a champion?
Collect different rewards such as money, gadgets, gold, etc…


Baixe e instale como APK normal
Se você tiver algum problema, comente abaixo ou apenas deixe um agradecimento pelo mod

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