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Pokémon Shuffle Mobile MOD APK Download v.1.13.0 | Mega Mod

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile mod

SO: Android 4.1+

Versão: 1.13.0

Recursos do Mod:

Increased attack damage and coins rewards.
All Pokémons have maximum level.

Funcionalidades do jogo:

  • Enjoy new puzzle Pokémon battle game.
  • Intuitive user-friendly controls and simple game play.
  • Many different levels and plenty of Pokémon.
  • Use Pokémon Shuffle Mobile mod to complete any difficult level.
  • Tente também Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle mod if you like to solve puzzles.


This will be hard to update without losing your data if not rooted. If you delete the game, your data goes away.
Make an account link/transfer from the main menu, copy the code (can only be done every 30 days), IF NONE ROOTED, uninstall the version installed, install SIGNED version and on the main menu, select “Transfer” instead of New Game. Input Code and Device number issued before uninstalling the previous version, and be where you last let off!
Can install signed APK right over original from Play Store or old/current mod version if rooted (Can’t use IAP)

DOWNLOAD Pokémon Shuffle Mobile mod

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