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Dealers Only Squad MOD APK Download v.1.48 | ∞ Coins

Dealers Only Squad mod

Système d'exploitation : Android 4.1+

Version: 1.48

Dealers Only Squad Mod Features:

Pièces de monnaie illimitées

Dealers Only Squad unlimited coins

Caractéristiques de jeu:

The mose easiest game on the market, you do not need tutorial or description to start play.
Heroes – Penguin: can earn lots of gold. Electric Mage: can blow up everything. Voodoo Spearman: can do perfect air attacks. Wild Warrior: he can defeat any monster.
Wide range of weapons which you can collect and upgrade.
Level up your hero fast with Dealers Only Squad mod – every hero can learn twenty passive and two active skills, buy them using unlimited coins.
Never-ending battles – even if you are sleeping, your heroes will earn gold and items for your.
Try another top-quality RPG game Mod de guerre des invocateurs do not miss your chance.


  • Download.
  • Installer.
  • Jouer.

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