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Age of Wushu Dynasty MOD APK v.14.0.1 | Skill no cost and no cooldown

Age of Wushu Dynasty mod

SO: Android 4.0.3+

Versión: 14.0.1

Age of Wushu Dynasty Mod Features:

Skill no cost and no cooldown.

Características del juego:

Examine a beautiful world loaded with scorched battlefields, bustling town streets, peaceful peach-blossom orchards.

Go to Ming Dynasty China and enjoy three-dimensional animations with high quality graphics. Original surroundings made on real places and well designed era outfits are waiting for you.

Pick from 7 Martial Arts Schools to join on the road to find the power inside of you. Every school has different opportunities and great character personalization system. Become a member of a preferred school, train your skills, and fight against other schools. Use Age of Wushu Dynasty Mod it will help you to win in every fight.

Turn into a real professional of fighting styles using innovative battle system. Go above simple hack and slash mechanics with strategic fighting in real time. Prevent incoming strikes, use blocks, and do feints to kick thru defense and beat your rival. Train special skills and fight using bare hands, daggers, staffs, and blades. Boost your karate power using mighty Rage strikes and ruin your adversaries. If you like this game we recommend you to play in MORTAL KOMBAT X mod because it is a very good fighting game.

Instrucciones: Descargar. Instalar en pc. Tocar

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